Viva Las Vegas




Today we are headed into Las Vegas but first we need breakfast. I read really good reviews about a place called The Famous Coffee Cup, so we went.DSC_0140

Boy was it yummy!IMG_1129

You know if Guy comes to eat it has to be good. IMG_1127

Not a bad start to my day.IMG_1131

Due to the high volume of food Mike and I have been consuming lately, we decide to share. I think Mike is rethinking this decision here. We ordered the F.B.L.T. with fried potatoes and Micheal got pancakes. IMG_1132

We actually came back for lunch one day for this sandwich. We didn’t share the next time! Now we are ready for Vegas baby!DSC_0031

When I think of Vegas, I think of Elvis Presley, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, and Wayne Newton. Sadly, those days are gone. I have mixed feelings about visiting this city.  The hotels in this city are amazing but the city streets were filled with unimaginable things. It is sad to not be able to enjoy iconic cities with your child without having to tell them to look down every 5 minutes.  Anyway, I am going to focus only on the good stuff we saw.

We stopped by the office of our campground to get some tips on parking and off we went. We were only about 12 miles from Las Vegas so it didn’t take us long to get there. First, I wanted to see everything from the truck so we drove down the strip.DSC_0038

DSC_0036  Then turned back around to find the parking area that we were told we could fit in. Well we realized we were headed straight for a parking garage and Mike was not about to try to squeeze us in. So I decided to see where people park with their campers when they come in for a night or two. We found that parking lot and guess what…..It was free! We pulled in behind Ballys Casino and parked. I called Ballys just to make sure we didn’t get towed and bam! FREE PARKING!! Yay! We walked two blocks and just like that we were on the strip.

We mostly took this so we could remember where we parked.
We mostly took this so we could remember where we parked. I know we aren’t very old but we always take a picture of our parking area. Plus that is the Eiffel Tower, so cool!


There were a couple of hotels I wanted to go to and I wanted to see the fountain at the Bellagio. I didn’t know about the Paris Hotel, so that was a bonus!IMG_4364We went into the Paris hotel and it was so neat!DSC_0054The whole ceiling was painted like the sky and part of the Eiffel Tower’s legs were in the lobby. You could pay to ride the elevator to the top of the tower and walk across the bridge.DSC_0056The gift shops looked like chateaus. It was all so charming, you almost forgot you were in a casino.DSC_0057This was a theater in the back of the lobby. I loved all the silhouettes! This is were Micheal saw his first cocktail waitress. Now she was covered with a long tailed coat so it wasn’t to revealing but to a 12 year old it was embarrassing. Anyway, we decided to look for our ornament souvenir here.DSC_0055I didn’t get an Eiffel Tower ornament. I am saving that one for when I do go to Paris! Haha!

Once back out on the street, Micheal let us know he was getting hungry. I normally have it planned where we are going to eat so we don’t get caught at a gross place but this time we were winging it. Then we found Pinks.DSC_0061Paul and Betty Pink began selling hot dogs from a cart on a neighborhood street corner in 1939. The chill dogs became so popular that the Pinks decided to open a store and 75 years later Pinks can be found in many different locations. Micheal loves hot dogs, plain, of course so we go in and decide on a plain hot dog (that was 5.00! yikes!) and Mike and I shared a cheeseburger. Micheal can be very picky when it comes to his food. If he gets a taste of something then everything has to taste that way, so I told him nicely, that he was going to eat this 5.00 hot dog and love it! DSC_0060As you can see, he tried it and told me it was ok. Which meant he ate it but he would never want another one again….haha. Our cheeseburger was delicious!

Now that our bellies are full we decided to go down to the New York Hotel because……… duh!!!! Along the way we saw the Harley Store.DSC_0064

Then we saw this big Coke bottle. DSC_0065

We also saw Elvis (the skinny one), Michael Jackson, and Johnny Depp. I didn’t take pictures because I knew y’all would believe me!

One thing I think Vegas has right are all the escalators and pedestrian walkways over the streets.

This was the only picture I got of the escalators and walkway....I think the Statue of Liberty distracted me.
This was the only picture I got of the escalators and walkway….I think the Statue of Liberty distracted me.

DSC_0071It is official! I have seen been to Lady Liberty on the East and West coasts!

As we came to the door, I noticed the handles.DSC_0083Awesome!

Inside wasn’t romantic like the Paris Hotel….Haha.

Jelly Beans
Jelly Beans


We were greeted by this amazingly yummy statue. Nobody licked it! I promise!

Then once in the lobby, we were greeted by a shopping area. Complete with….you guessed it, a Starbucks.DSC_0076Around the corner was a crepe shop, an Irish pub and a deli.DSC_0080Look, it even has cobble stone streets and a fake sewer. DSC_0082There was also an apartment building. I loved all the details in these hotels!

By this time Micheal is getting restless so we head down to the Bellagio fountain. DSC_0096We didn’t have to wait long before we hear this Italian man singing opera and then the water was moving to the music!DSC_0097It was fun to watch!

I did enjoy some of Las Vegas, I just hate that Micheal was exposed to certain things. Lesson learned! IMG_4366

Next up…Sunny California!