Ready to explore!

Where to next?
At the beach while camping at Pelican Roost 


We are a family of three, well four with our dog Max. Mike(Dad) is a hard working man, Micheal(son) is our comic relief, and I am Brandi(mom), I make the coffee in the morning and plan our trips. Mostly our trips consist of flying to NYC, taking Disney Cruises, or packing up the camper for a weekend or weeklong trip. This year, however, we wanted to do something different. So, I quit my job, we took Micheal out of school, started homeschooling and we hit the road in our camper. In nine weeks we went from Georgia,where our camper is parked, to sunny California. We hope you enjoy reading about all of our adventures and I hope some of you are inspired to take your families on the road.



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