Pebble Beach

I have really missed writing on this blog. I realized it has been almost one year since I have updated on our road trip, but I am back at it today and excited as ever to relive our little adventure. So here we go…..

On a stop in between Monterey and Pebble Beach.

Going to Big Sur was not the only reason we stopped off in Marina, CA.  There are some well know golf courses in Monterey and Mike was very eager to play one of them…namely, Pebble Beach.DSC_0687 I have watched golf with Mike plenty of times and I knew this place was special but I wasn’t prepared for the views.

Mike was able to get a tee time on a Monday afternoon and Micheal and I weren’t going to pass up a chance to ride in the cart with him. I decided to be the designated photographer and Micheal was our comic relief… always.

After dinner on Sunday we thought we would ride out to Pebble Beach and check things out but sadly we were stopped at the gate. Silly us! Of course this area would be gated. We were informed that we would have to pay ten dollars to ride through unless we had a tee time.We got a map of the area from the guard and left. We would return on Monday with our tee time.

The next day we head back to Pebble Beach and once inside the gate we are met with gorgeous views. DSC_0680 Welcome to 17 Mile Drive.

17 Mile Drive is so beautiful! The California coast has views like I have never seen before…..DSC_0649

Because Mike had a tee time we weren’t able to stop and really see everything but we did get to slowly drive through and enjoy the water views.DSC_0650

The day was cloudy and a bit cold but still beautiful!


Even if you don’t play golf, you should definitely drive the 17-mile drive!

DSC_0667There were other famous golf courses along the way….DSC_0657I think this was part of Spy Glass….don’t quote me

DSC_0675Some really cool trees along the way.

DSC_0676We left the scenic coast for a bit and there it was…..DSC_0687So exciting!!

DSC_0688Even the views from the parking lot were amazing.DSC_0690This sweet man was ready to play!

DSC_0692We walked down from the parking lot and checked in…

DSC_0699Found this tribute to Bing Crosby…so cool!

Mike had a few minutes before teeing off so he decided to warm up…DSC_0694It was now time to meet his fellow players….DSC_0705 Now its time to play.

Before we start I just want to say that I took over 200 pictures. It was really hard narrowing down just a few for this post. I really hope everyone enjoys going to Pebble Beach with us.

Hole 1

Hole 1DSC_0713

Hole 2


DSC_0736Just one of the houses on the course.




Hole 4




Hole 5




Got to see some wildlife…these seagulls were huge!


A great time to take a picture.


Hole 7 was gorgeous!


Hole 8 was very interesting. Mike teed off and his ball landed in a great but not so great spot.DSC_0902

This doesn’t look so much like a steep cliff but when we got around to the other side…..DSC_0911

woah… is a steep cliff!

While on the course we saw surfers….




Big beautiful homes with gorgeous landscaped yards.DSC_0043

more cliffs and mountains….DSC_0187

and even Micheal showed us his moves.



Hole 16 had gorgeous viewsDSC_0171

Mike had three others playing with him. This was the oldest of the three and he got a special cart. It is a one seater that is allowed to drive all over the course. We had to stay on the path.


Hole 17DSC_0211


We finally arrived at hole 18. I actually recognized this hole from tv and it was really cool to see it in person.DSC_0246

What a fun day with my husband!


Getting a game plan together while waiting for the next group to move.DSC_0290

So far so good….DSC_0296

then this happened. First sand trap of the day.


Even though this is Pebble Beach each player cleans up after himself….


Great round of golf and I am sure he will never forget this experience!


The Patrick’s at Pebble Beach.


Next adventure…..San Fransisco.




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