Magical Birthday

DSC_0380For my birthday I wanted to ride roller coasters with Micheal, see Radiator Springs, and eat my very own turkey leg. The only place to do that is at Disneyland and of course all my dreams came true.

Our campground offered a shuttle service to the park, so we hopped on the shuttle that morning and in 10 minutes we were at Disneyland. Unlike Disneyworld, both of the park entrances are facing each other. So that means doing both parks in one day is very easy.IMG_4577After learning this we decided to do a park hopper because you can’t go to just one park. (That is what Mike told me anyway).

I think he has forgotten about that long bike ride from yesterday.

We decided to go to California Adventures first because I was so excited to walk down the street of Radiator Springs. First, we had to go get our fastpass for Radiator Racers. It is the most popular ride in the park and we got a time to ride it at 2:00-3:00 that afternoon. Awesome! Now we head to Radiator Springs.DSC_0416I am dying!!! Micheal and I watched Cars so many times when he was little and to get to see the town with him was so much fun. DSC_0392Mater’s junkyard filled with……IMG_4554tractors, of course. Then we see….DSC_0391Fillmore’s fuel station. Next was…..DSC_0393Sarge’s Surplus. Had Micheal been a few years younger, we would have spent a lot of money in this store. Then I turn around and……DSC_0398it’s the Cozy cone!! Mater has made an appearance at the front door. We go on down the street and come to DSC_0402Luigi’s. Guess who was hanging out….DSC_0404Micheal was not happy about this but he humored me…. You know he is to cool for Red. Across from Luigi’s is…..DSC_0399and then Ramone’s next door.DSC_0403We were almost to the end of the street when I saw the founder….Stanley.IMG_4619I love his gold tooth! At the end of the street is the ride Radiator Racers. I know we got a fast pass but I can’t wait all day to ride and the lane didn’t look that long. IMG_4543The wait was 45 minutes and it was worth it! (this was the longest wait all day).DSC_0407Some of the sights along the way….DSC_0409a really cute fountain and then we see it……DSC_0413a racer! Isn’t she cute? These cars hold 6 people in them.IMG_4532Three in the front and three in the back. Just perfect for my sweet family. As you can tell by the seatbelts, this ride is mild but very fun.IMG_4535We are in line waiting for the big race. We headed out side and the Cars music is playing, we round the curve and there is the waterfall from the movie. Amazing!IMG_4949We go back inside and go through town where we see all the characters.IMG_4540We also saw Fillmore, the Sheriff, and all the tractors! But before you race, you have to stop by Luigi’s for a pitstop.IMG_4950We are almost ready….IMG_4951but first we get a pep talk from Doc. IMG_4952We arrive at the starting line with another car beside and 3…2…1….off we go!!!! I think we crossed the finish line first but it was close. IMG_4617
What a great ride. IMG_4542

Once we left Cars Land we went to couple of stores to look around. Mike wandered off for a minute and when he came back, he gave me this.IMG_4954This made the day even more special! Every Disneyland worker made it a point to tell me Happy Birthday. I even passed one guy twice and he said it both times. It was really nice!

Now ever since we went to Hershey Park last year, Micheal has gotten on the “big” rides. So he was ready for a fast one. We headed down to Paradise PierDSC_0421

and the boys went straight to the California Screamin. DSC_0424Micheal loved every minute. I was very proud of him! I was 15 before I rode anything like that.

We rode a few more rides that really just spun around in circles and then my tummy said enough! It was now time to eat a Turkey Leg!!!IMG_1176That’s right…you go girl! I did share some of it with Mike. Then after all that salty meat I needed something sweet…..IMG_4553Wow! It was the best birthday meal ever! Mike had a brownie sundae and I got a chocolate milkshake. We didn’t do a birthday cake because 1) there is only 3 of us and 2) we had no space for it in the camper. This milkshake was perfect!!

After we came off our sugar highs we decided we needed to get to Disneyland. We did have to get back on the shuttle and take Max potty but that only took 30 minutes. So we get back and head on in.

IMG_4613We get through the gate and start down Main Street.IMG_4578Do you see it? The castle I mean? IMG_4591We could not get over how small it was.

Anyways, we were headed to Space Mountain. Another one of Micheal’s favorites but we stopped when we saw Star Tours.IMG_4582

We waited maybe 20 minutes and it went by fast because of all the entertainment inside.

C3PO was so funny.IMG_4584We got our 3d glasses on…..IMG_4585took a seat, buckled in and thats when things got fun. Well not so much for Mike, he doesn’t do really well with these rides but I think I got to laughing so hard it took his mind off it. We rode this twice. The second time we came out and Micheal was inspired to make a lightsaber.IMG_4586Turns out Mike knows a lot about computers but this was a bit of a challenge…haha. It turned out great and Micheal loved it. Now its time for Space Mountain.IMG_4588I did not ride this ride! I don’t like being tossed around in the dark. The End!

After the boys got off, we decided to walk around just a few more minutes and go back to California Adventure. We still had our fast pass and when it gets dark all the neon is lit in Radiator Springs and we were told that couldn’t be missed. So,we headed back to Paradise Pier so I could ride California Screamin with Micheal (super fun) and then we went straight back to Cars Land.

That’s when this happened…..IMG_4626Oh hi, Miranda. She was sweet and told me Happy Birthday too.

After my star sighting (Micheal ran to the bathroom because he was so embarrassed) we got back on Radiator Racers. It was still fun the second time around. Then the sun started to go down and thats when it got pretty.IMG_1192





I didn’t take my “big” camera so the neon wasn’t as crisp as I would have liked but you get the idea.

Once we rode the racers again we decided to go back to our camper to enjoy the fireworks. I know it’s not the same as being in the park but we were all pretty tired from the day.

I really, really enjoyed my birthday! Mike and Micheal made it such a special day! Here are some more pictures from the day.




Coming up….experiencing Dutch life in a “sunny meadow”.

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